Around here news doesn’t happen very quickly so don’t expect twitteresque posts to appear every few minutes. Proclamations on tablets of stone every millennium would be a lot nearer the mark.    

August 2020 - A Little Knowledge (Can Be A Dangerous Thing) released.

July 2020 - Back on course and the release of A Feeling In The Air.

March 2020 - An even longer gap to the release of The Hawk And The Dove.  Practically all of 2019 was spent in producing library material and uploading it to Pond5.

January 19 - Although it looks like there has been a break to the eleventh album Forgotten Ideals being released, the time has been spent in working on library material and a number of tracks have been uploaded to Pond5.

July 18 - Another One In The Bank releaed.

May 18 - The Longest Day released.

April 18 - Forever Tired released.

April 18 - The Sandglass releaed.

March 18 - Falling Through The Cracks released.

February 18 - The fifth album Dress Rehearsal is now out.

October 17 - after being sidetracked and a bit of a false start the fourth album Everywhere On Foot is now out.  As well as the usual outlets the albums are now available on Bandcamp.

July 17 - and moving swiftly on, the next one is Molten Heat.  It was one where working on it you couldn’t see the wood for the trees so it was a bit stop start.  It was backwards and forwards between this and Cold Sundays.  CD Baby etc

July 17 - a bit later than expected, the next album out is Cold Sundays In Limbo.  Distributed by CD Baby, available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

March 17 - the first album to be finished, Song Of The Wilderness is being distributed by CD Baby and is now available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

March 17 - although a lot of albums have been made, (some good, some very good, some pretty awful), nothing has been released until now.  The better ones are being re-recorded and will be released as and when they’re finished.

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